Pre Sale Landing page for NYNYC cryptocurrency project. the people's token

The people's Decentralized platform Simplified, for Investors, Crypto Experts & Non-Crypto Experts alike. See your money Grow.


Worth of NYNYC tokens
BNB Raised

Hard CAP 75 BNB

20 BNB
Softcap in 35 days 17%
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PROJECT: Simple white paper.

This project will have all the updated utilities within. Funds transferred would be fast and easy with swapping of coins, staking, farming, minting NFT, calculator, and a new mining structure embedded on the website, allowing people to buy or mine coins using any enabled browser, it will have the ability to adapt to any new blockchain or utility.

Voting and building of liquidity techniques will be introduced.

The mission of the NYNYC project is to enable a better living for everyone. To do it, we’ve implemented all these utilities and enabled more functionality within this project. Everything is plain and simple. This token is for everyone throughout the world.

> Explanation of this utility Token in full. The token has no link up with any other project at this moment, the option will be left open. All utility tokens should have a purpose, either to support the blockchain in some form or to support a cryptocurrency project. NYNYC is thinking out of the box, meaning, we choose to support the community.

No more pump and dump, making the 1 percent very wealthy and leaving the remaining 99 percent only in hope. A level playing field will be established.

This is the breakdown:

1) The amount of tokens that will be released in each segment, will be 20% of the balance tokens.

2) There will be a cap of 10 BNB on the amount of tokens one individual can purchase after the launch, with their wallet address, at one given time. 3) The entire project and community will grow at the same time.

The power of Five would be implemented to build volume nonstop.

Let the process play out itself. This is a community project.